Kids Menu

Grilled CheeseMelted cheddar cheese sandwich served with a pickle spear. $4.50
Hamburger Grilled burger served on a toasted hard roll. $4.95
Cheeseburger  Grilled burger topped with melted cheddar cheese and served on a toasted           hard roll. $5.45
Mini Tacos Seasoned meat stuffed in a hard shell and deep fried. $4.95
Chicken Tenders  Moist chicken  tenders served with your choice of dipping sauce. $4.95
Broasted ChickenTwo piece broasted chicken dinner. $6.95
Kids PerchOne filet of Sheboygan’s favorite fish. $7.50

This is a special menu prepared for children 12 and younger.
All meals come with French fries and choice of beverage.
Beverage choices: soda, orange juice, lemonade, and milk